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April 24, 2024 2 min read


For too long, the outdoor industry has harbored a secret about the hydrophobic water-repellent coatings that cause water to bead off your new rain jacket.

But here's the truth, the byproducts of common and highly effective Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coatings have been:

  1. Disposed of improperly,
  2. Leaked toxins into waterways, and
  3. Consumed by humans and wildlife - causing major health issues.

Studies have shown that these toxins have led to significant health issues such as birth defects and cancerous tumors.

Water splashing

We've been dedicated to environmental stewardship and social responsibility since day one. As part of this commitment, we thoroughly examined the chemicals used in our waterproofing processes.

We sought to find a durable water-repellent coating that breaks down in the environment, thus avoiding health risks (we acknowledge that this is a very brief summary).

After extensive research, we identified the right DWR that eliminates PFCs, PFOAs, and PFOSs (the harmful substances) from our products. Despite the higher costs, we believe it's imperative to prioritize the health of our planet and the safety of individuals we may never meet.

Desolve Wading Gear with PFC Free DWR

Our jackets and waders have always utilized PFC-free DWR. With 20% of global water pollution caused by garment industry chemical practices, we are leading the way to spend more to make sure our gear doesn't cause harm in production. While we're not the sole brand to do this, if you don't see a brand explicitly stating that the DWR used is PFC-free or something similar, unfortunately, you should probably assume the worst.

If you would like to learn more about something we touched on in this journal or our other sustainability initiatives please comment or get in touch!


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