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 The design team behind Desolve develops, tests, and perfects fishing and hunting products so you can dominate the demanding environments in New Zealand. Rugged coastlines, sweeping valleys, mighty glaciers, towering mountains, dense forests, and powerful rivers make for stunning but unforgiving terrain – she’s raw, unique and unparalleled anywhere in the world. So we know that to create the best gear you need to get every detail right. Making the most of the latest technology, slick design and cutting edge production, to craft products of supreme comfort, performance and endurance.

With innovation as our motivator and unrivaled quality as our goal, year after year we have succeeded in producing gear that is second to none. We are committed to staying at the top of our game using the freshest fabrics and next level design techniques so you can beat the elements in a rig you can trust. Before you get your grubby hands on it, it's been put to the test by our pro team so we 100% back our product.


When it comes to casual wear, there's not a lot of fancy stuff going on when compared to our technical gear, but we do want it to go hard. Our design team creates industry leading hunting and fishing gear, so know a thing or two about fabric performance and construction. If you’re anything like us when you like a tshirt, you thrash it. We know favourite tees are on high rotation and get a lot of love. That's why we make our gear from super high quality materials and make sure all the details from stitching and prints, to zips and linings are top notch. Go hard, fish longer, and explore further. 

We hand pick our suppliers to make sure they are doing right by their workers and run a fair, safe and humane operation. Trust that there’s no shortcuts or funny business is going on where Desolve products are made, and you are supporting an environmental and socially conscious company.