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September 05, 2023 2 min read

A fresh look with the same passion

From chasing marlin by day and sunset campfire cook-ups at a hidden bay, to working with local artists and musicians. We're addicted to this lifestyle of doing what we love, in dream locations, with our best mates.​ This is a taste of what's to come.


Rob, Lachie and Benny hooking into the days catch up in the Cavalli's - wearing the new Untouched Waters SS23 Collection.

Greeny getting his hands on a nice stripey marlin fish from a mission out west.

Henry and Alex doing the dirty work with the new logo unceremoniously slapped onto the cray bucket wearing the Untouched Tee in Sea grass the Albacares Tee in Grey Marle.

Take To The Water

Here we launch our new Desolve logo for the Summer of 2023/24 and beyond. The sunset icon and golden glow colour incapsulate the escapism from everyday life that can be sensed in who we are and everything we do. We are driven by the exploration of the blue waters and the cold one at the end of the day.

"Take To The Water" is the DNA of Desolve. It's a call to action that we live by and we know is shared by the tight knit community we exist in. Born from the words of our founder, Rob:

"When I was big enough, I got my own dingy. Its rusted hull just barely able to cut the breakers, but it was enough to take to the waters. There is always an adventure to be had as no two tides are the same."


Benny getting to the bottom of why there weren't any bites.

Making the most of the surroundings. Benny wearing the Morphosis Boardshorts. 


To those who seek relief in the touch of the water, the sound of crashing waves, and the scent of freshly netted fish. Who know Saturdays were made for cracking beers, shakin' the sand out of our ass cracks, and hooking dinks. To the storytellers, 'round flickerin' campfires, boastin' 'bout the trophies that fought tooth and nail, only to snap the line clean.

To those who take to the water.


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